“There is no better indicator of the spiritual health of a city, its neighborhoods, and the larger region than the state of the arts. The arts deepen our understanding  of the  human spirit, extend our capacity to comprehend the lives of others,  allow us to imagine a more just and humane world. Through their diversity  of feeling, their  variety of form, their multiplicity of inspiration, the arts make our culture richer and more reflective.”

-Jonathan Fanton, Past President, MacArthur Foundation

Our Mission

CAPA’s Mission is to provide the community affordable, cultural, educational and performance opportunities while developing a new arts center to better serve the audiences and artists of Collier County.

The CAPA Dream

In 2007 the newly-formed CAPA Board of Directors created a bold mission to build a state-of- the-art center with space to showcase local visual and performing artists, offering affordable and accessible educational, cultural, and performance opportunities for the entire community. Today the dream is alive and well.

While we’re still working on suitable property and developing specifications for the construction of a center, CAPA continues to provide through “borrowed facilities” a spotlight and venue to theatrical, artistic, choral, dance and musical productions by local arts organizations and individual visual artists.

Right now we’re putting the finishing touches on a breathtaking new season, and can say that we will serve the arts community even better with a collection of performing arts productions.

“Spectrum” will highlight the music of small ensembles – chamber music and much more – that was composed for an intimate setting and dedicated to your enjoyment of great music. CAPA’s carefully selected ensembles each will meld to form one voice, delivering the delightful melodies of the great composers and groundbreaking composers.

Our CAPA Arts Center Plans

Our plans are based on three professional needs assessments demonstrating requirements for Naples performance space and include a:

  • MISSION – partnering with the best of local Southwest Florida talent

  • SIZE – The 700-seat opera-style theater provides a mid=sized facility badly needed by performing groups.

  • GEOGRAPHY – a significant cultural footprint in East/South Naples that will serve estimated audiences and visitors in excess of 50,000 a year.

Our Programmingprogramming_CAPA

The highly utilized and efficient CAPA Center will offer a broad variety of programming, such as:

  • Musical Theatre, Opera and Ballet
  • Orchestra, Chorus and Chamber Series
  • Many Dance and Music genres
  • Artist Studios and an Art Gallery Exhibition space
  • Intimate cabaret performances  and jazz series
  • Local and National Music and Art Festivals on the outdoor lawn
  • Collaborative events with Naples Botanical Garden, Universities and local schools
  • Education programs –  Summer camps, after-school youth programs, arts academies, adult education

CLICK HERE to see what groups have committed to performing in our new facility.

YOU can enable this new cultural institution!

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